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PLANETech World 2023 is currently postponed to 2024, due to the ongoing situation in Israel.

October 16th-19th |

Tel Aviv, Israel

Climate Tech Week - towards 1.5C

PLANETech World 2023 Climate Tech Week

October 16th

Side Events

Climate Meet & Drink

PLANETech World 2023 Climate Tech Week

October 17th

Side Events

VIP Event

PLANETech World 2023 Climate Tech Week

October 18th

PLANETech World 2023 Climate Tech Week

October 19th

Side Events


Main Event | Rabin Center
Chaim Levanon 8, Tel Aviv




Exhibiting Startups



About PLANETech World 2023

PLANETech World 2023 is the Global Climate Tech Week in Israel.

Our mission is to promote innovative technologies and practices to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We unite global investors, stakeholders, climate enthusiasts and innovators to address the pressing challenges of climate change.


PW23 serves as a catalyst to drive impactful discussions on and off stage, showcase climate tech solutions and connect crucial strategies, necessary for limiting global temperature rise to 1.5C.

5 Climate Tech Zones

Tickets to PLANETech World 2023 Main Event
October 18th, Rabin Center


Early Bird Ticket

Until August 10th

Limited to the first 300 tickets



General Admission

Until September 11th 

Limited to 500 tickets



Last Chance

Until Day of

PLANETech World 2023

About PLANETech

PLANETech is building a global network for climate tech innovators while promoting Israel as a world center for climate change technologies. We do that by building knowledge infrastructure, creating tools, connecting stakeholders, and implementing technologies. PLANETech is a nonprofit organization, a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, Consensus Business Group, and the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection.

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