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The Capital Stack for Climate Tech

Shani   Zanescu - Climate tech Investor, Co-founder and Chair at PLANETech   

Shaun Abramson - Managing Partner at Third Sphere   

Jan Lozek - Founding and Managing Partner at Future Energy Ventures


Ocean (is) Everything

Steven Fox - Partner at Propeller


Pushing New Frontiers: Transformative Technologies in the Making

Dr. Tamar Moise - Scientific Director at PLANETech   

James Tu - Founder and Managing Partner at Fusion Park   

Phil de Luna - Head of Engineering at Deep Sky

Christian Sjölander - Founder and CEO at Kärnfull Next

Dr. Itay Gissis - VP of Research and Development at NT-Tao


Financing and Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Ely Sandler - Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Hisham Mundol - Chief Advisor at Environmental Defense Funds

Conrad Rein - Director at Chicago University Development Innovation Lab and Innovation Commission for Climate Change, Food Security and Agriculture

Ezra Friedman - Chief Representative of Dubai International Chamber, Israel Office


The Gigaton Pinnacle: How Disruptive Do You Need to Be?

Itamar Weizman - Partner and Head of Climate Investments at Firstime VC 

Yair Reem - Partner at Extantia

Jacob Bro - Co-Founder and Partner at 2150

Liat Sverdlov - Investment Partner at OurCrowd


AI for Extreme Weather Events

Anton Driz - Product Manager Driving Emergency Response Solutions at

Yuval Carny - Program Manager at Google Research

Rei Goffer - Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at


Incorporating Carbon Credits into a Business Model

Dr. Ruth Dagan - Partner and Head of Environment and Climate Change at Herzog, Fox&Neeman

Carlota Ochoa Neven Du Mont - Principal at Extantia

Oshik Efrati - CEO at HomeBiogas

Ram Amar - CEO at Rewind


Decarbonizing Hard-to-Abate Industries

Talia Rafaeli - Partner at Kompas VC

Tim McCaffery - Global Investment Director at Siam Cement Group

Bat-Chen Herchkovich Ben Simon - Chief Business Officer at Helios

Bruno Arcadier - Head of Vale Ventures


A New Approach to Investing in Climate Tech

Guy Cherni - Managing Partner at Climate First


International Collaborations for Climate Tech

Gideon Behar - Special Envoy for Climate Change and Sustainability at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel

Eviatar Tron - Executive Director at Climate First

Yael Ravia-Zadok - Head of Economic Division at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel

Mohamed Al-Binali - Senior Associate at Hub71

Lasse Vinther-Grønning - Executive Director at Innovation Centre Denmark


Rising Stars Pitching Event

Location: Nature Tech Zone

Hear 10 amazing early-stage startups pitch their cutting-edge technology


Corporate Climate Risk

Amit Harel - Partner at Deloitte Catalyst

Orly Glick - CEO at ESGgo

Galit Ofer - Partner, Head of Environment & Sustainability Practice, Shibolet & Co

Dr. Siddhartha Misra - Chief Process Research at Tata Steel


Growth Strategies: Maximizing Finance and Partnerships for Scaling

Lior Handelsman - General Partner at Grove Ventures

Nadav Steinmetz - Managing Partner at Climate First

Ofir Gomeh - CEO at Capital Nature

Tomer Notkin - VP at HaPoalim Tech

Noam Tzur - Partner at Meitar Law Offices


Nature Tech Challenge Competition: Meet the Pitch Finalists

Stream Ocean

Reef Support

Mozaic Earth

Albo Climate

Agrify Technologies



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